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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

I know it has been a few weeks since I wrote my last blog post but life has thrown a few ups and downs along the way. But I'm not going to concentrate on the trials and tribulations of the last few weeks, I'm going to concentrate on the good things that have happened and hope that my readers are as excited as I am.

First things first, book 2 has gone to be edited by my wonderful editor, I can't wait to hear what she thinks of it. It is very difficult trusting someone to understand what it is you are trying to say especially with my dyslexia. My dad use to tell me when I used to ask him to read things through for me that "It will take a while because I have to understand what you are writing first and then what you meant to write". So I think she deserves a medal for all the work she has done with me.

I have started writing book 3 which I hope will take me less time to write than book 1 and 2 did as I seem to be getting quicker. I won't be like some authors and release one a month, but I would love to be able to do one a year if not two.

I have the plan for book 4 written as well I just need to concentrate one writing book 3 first.

During 2023 I will be taking part in some book signings details of which I will confirm in a blog next year and they will also be on my events page of my website.

I have also arranged for my book to be sold in a local shop in Selby that stocks items from creative people. A full list of stockists both online and bricks and mortar stores is also on my website. I am also in talks to see if some shops in Guildford would stock my book as those of you who follow me will know Lacy's special place is based on my special place in Guildford.

Check out my twitter @happy_eeyore and my Facebook page 'Helen Kelly books' to keep up to date with my activities!

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