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New Beginnings

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

As always this have been a bit busy behind the scenes since my last blog post. I turned fifty at the beginning of May and have been having a few trips away. One to celebrate my birthday I went to the wonderful Gladstone library a writers paradise. With it's wonderful lounge where you can relax in amongst book cases or type away on your laptop in a library where you can conduct research to your hearts content. I did a bit of work on book 3 of the Greengrove series but not too much, I also took part in a course on mailing lists which i hope to implement soon and other writing marketing tasks.

I then went away on my own to one of my many favourite places in the UK for a week Oxford the idea was to work on Book 3 I had set a little target of 30,000 words with a day off on the Wednesday to spend the whole day shopping in Oxford. Well, that was the plan anyway but unfortunately plans don't always work out the way you plan on them. By Wednesday I was on track and had actually surpassed my daily targets and even tinkered about with a children's story. So on Wednesday I had my day in Oxford and enjoyed myself and went to all my favourite places. The covered market, Bodliem Library, the brazillian cafe at the bottom of Carfax Tower to name but a few. Unfortunately after that my fibromyalgia decided to say hello, along with what at the time I didn't realise was problems with my lungs. Which meant that in the end I only managed to get 20,000 words completed and I can't wait to continue, but first some news about book 2!

I am so proud to announce that:

Book 2 is out on Tuesday 13th June 2023!!!!!!

David had everything he wanted: a marriage to a wonderful woman, friends who would do anything for him, a wonderful house in London and a great job managing a restaurant for a Michelin star chef. Then one day he receives a text that was not meant for him and his world crumbled, his wife had been having an affair for years with his friend. How did he not know?

Left broken hearted and with the inheritance from his parents David decides to move to Greengrove where his one and only true friend left lives. Opening his own restaurant was risky but this time he was living his life the way he wanted to. It was hard work but with a good team behind him and a wonderful support network he realised that this was everything he ever wanted.

A chance meeting at James’ engagement party changes everything and it shows him that there is more to life than working and that, maybe this time, things could be different. He wants the woman of his dreams but is she ready for him?

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