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Inspiration is Everywhere

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

This weekend I visited London with my husband. There are a few places we always go to when we visit London one is for a walk on a Sunday morning along The Mall and getting to Buckingham Palace, looping around to St James Park and walking through that to Royal Horseguards. Unfortunately now with my current health problems I have difficulty doing this so we had to forego that, but hopefully one day I will get to sit on a bench and watch the green parrots. The other thing I love doing is visiting the Southbank where there is a carousel. I love the horses I think it's ever since I was a child watching Mary Poppins over and over again. I want the horse I am on to jump off and take me on a adventure, it hasn't happened yet but a girl can dream.

My family did ban me from going on them for a while because one day I got so excited I fell up the metal stairs which resulted in a bruise on the bone of my shin so each time I go on know I get a pep talk about not running etc. I always pick the horse that is lowest because I can't get on the high ones, I never take notice of the name of the horses I am on but this time my husband pointed out that my horse was called James and I thought maybe this would be day when I get to go on my adventure. For those who have read 'A Special Place' you will know that James is one of the main characters. Sadly I just went round and round maybe next time.

For me being out and about is a joy, I see inspiration everywhere. I have just finished writing book 2 and although there is no carousel in it, I am hoping that will visit a book later on. Book 2 does feature a few places that I have found and visited on my travels including St Catherines Hill and Chapel in Guildford and Creswell Crags in Welbeck. I am off to Guildford again this week so who knows what inspiration I will find on my travels.

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