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Apologies it's been a while

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

It's been a while since I posted mainly because life got in the way. I have been a bit unwell but am on the mend now. The good news is that New Beginnings has been sent off to my editor to be formatted so should be released soon.

I have been to a few book signings and met some wonderful people and in my house, I now have an office, which my mum calls my snug although every time I walk into my lovely set-out room with everything in its place. I have to call a certain daughter and say "Can you explain why you have put this here". The best answer was "That's an empty paper bag". She is apparently at 23 and after having various introductions to the bins she's still confused. There are still a few things to do in my office, one of which is to put out my ornaments which are currently safe in a plastic box in the garage, but I have got one of my many Eeyore mugs and used it as a pen pot,

Anyway, back to book news. I am so excited that book 2 'New Beginnings' will be out soon. This book is based on James' friend and owner of 'Fish by the Rivers' story. Here is a brief description of the book:

David had everything he wanted: a marriage to a wonderful woman, friends who would do anything for him, a wonderful house in London and a great job managing a restaurant for a Michelin-star chef. Then one day he receives a text that was not meant for him and his world crumbled, his wife had been having an affair for years with his friend. How did he not know?

Left broken-hearted and with the inheritance from his parents David decides to move to Greengrove where his one and only true friend left lives. Opening his restaurant was risky but this time he was living his life the way he wanted to. It was hard work but with a good team behind him and a wonderful support network, he realised that this was everything he ever wanted.

A chance meeting at James’ engagement party changes everything and it shows him that there is more to life than working and that, maybe this time, things could be different. He wants the woman of his dreams but is she ready for him?

I have attached a picture of Merlin so that you can all see how grown up he is and let's face it he is a cute dog.

I hope you are looking forward to book 2 as much as me.

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