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Fingers crossed

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Although a little later than planned I am hoping that my first book will be available in both paperback and electronic format before Christmas. The waiting has been awful as I worried about every stage my work was going through.

It's like your child's first day at school, in fact four months on from when I sent it off everyday has brought along a little worry. Is it good enough? I hope my writing style is ok. Have I done enough words? Does it flow? Am I doing the right thing? Fingers crossed that soon all will be revealed.

I thought it would be nice if you could have a little bit of information on my book.

A Special Place


It’s the day before my birthday and as always, I have come to sit on my stone bench by the side of the river. It's not really mine but I think of it as being my special place. I have just seen James in the local shop and we smiled at each other. As I turn another year older, I can’t help but wonder why I am so different. Since the age of eight I have been told there was something wrong with me. There must be because I have no friends except James who has always looked out for me although I don’t know why. There is something special about James being around him makes me feel at home if only things were different!


I have admired Lacy for years she has an inner strength that she doesn’t realise that she has and one day I am determined to ask her out. I have been waiting a long time for the right moment. I can always tell when her confidence level is low there’s not much I don’t know about Lacy. I know that when I ask her out, she will question and second guess everything but one day we will be a couple.

Fingers crossed that you will want to see more.


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