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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

It has been quite busy in the land of Helen Kelly. I have finished book 2 and am currently in the process of editing it and already I have found a few bits where my dyslexic brain has gone faster than my hands which has made up for a few funny sentences. Book 2 includes various places including St Catherines Hill and Chapel in it. I have also contacted Creswell Crags which is in Worksop to ask permission to name them as a destination for a weekend away in book 2 which they have given. My husband and I visited Creswell Crags on our wedding anniversary and I was amazed by such a wonderful place with so much to do that I thought it would be the ideal place to get away from it all and learn something different by doing a guided cave tour with their really knowledgeable guides.

Last week we spent the weekend in Guildford we stayed at the Angel Hotel in Guildford High Street. I finished book 2 and then went for a walk along the River Wey to my Special Place, then when my husband was off seeing his family I sat in the Britannia pub and had a lovely roast dinner and of course pudding while I started on the editing. A piece of good news from that visit was that I had a email from Guildford Library and a copy of A Special Place is now available to borrow from them.

I am currently working on a map of Greengrove so that readers can visualise the village when they are reading my books. This will help especially later on in the series when more places are included.

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